Back on track!

Yessss, I’m back!

I promised myself that in the following days/weeks there will be lots of changes going on, not only in my life but also on my blog. The main new feature will be the fact that I’m going to write in English (mostly). I decided to do this because my blog is somehow related to my Tumblr account *follow me here lovelies* ->, where, most of my followers (90% of them for sure) are non romanian speakers.

Sadly, I’m not able to make a brand new interesting post right now about my AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTY IN LONDON because I’m feeling terrible at the moment. Been in bed all day because of a really really really like reaaaaaally bad cold (damn you London!) and I’m getting quite worried right now because the last time I was this sick the doctors told me that a surgery will be needed, so yeah… not really in the mood for anything at all mostly, but I’ve been drinking hot tea (like lots, feeling so london-ish), cuddling with my pillows, getting some love from my napkins, pretending that a fictional character from a book is my perfect boyfriend so yeah, should be feeling better in no time.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to write lots about my amazing mini birthday vacation and add lots and lots of photos to my story.

But until then let’s all hope that I’ll be feeling better because I’m not really into needles and surgeries and shit.



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