Proud 20


I never flew on a plane before. I’ve never been to London. I will be 20 soon. Something has to be done.

And then “something” happened.

Plane tickets. A trip. London. Celebration. 

That’s right! I was going to spend my fabulous 20th birthday in London! No words can explain the feeling(s) that I got when I found out what’s going to happen haha.

So I decided to take a plane from Bucharest a day before my birthday ( the 2nd of October). I can’t say that I wasn’t excited but mostly I was afraid. I wasn’t really afraid about the flight but more likely I was afraidof the whole airport procedure as I always thought it’s kind of difficult (so I’ve heard). But it seems that if you respond to a little innocent flirt from the employees of the airport you might as well carry a bomb with you. Haha not really but still…

  • I don’t know why the moment I passed the security check and waved at my parents I started crying (like really bad) but a sweet lady came right at me and helped me come back to my senses (I’m so ashamed right now, I was literally crying on her shoulder haha… Sorry madame!)*

However, the moment I got on the plane I felt so happy and I was smiling like an idiot at all the persons that were looking at me. The flight was 3 hours long but I’ve always had the feeling like I was in Heaven. But at some point I started crying. Again. (I guess that the idea of turning 20 really got me emotional haha). The lady right next to me thought that I was crying because I was afraid of flying or something and kept on telling me that we’re gonna be fine (haha) and then I had to explain to her that I was probably crying because I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, because I will be turning 20 tomorrow and stuff (poor lady, had to listento my emotional crap for half an hour I guess ooopsy). However I ordered some coffee and nutella and started reading. BAD DECISION, I’m telling you. I started reading “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks and obviously I started crying again and had to explain to the sweet lady (AGAIN) why I was crying. So I started to tell her about the Notebook and why it has just a great effect on me and I can swear that I saw some tears falling down her eyes! (Hopefully she started reading it too or at least watched the movie cause it’s so worth it ❤ )


After 3 hours I’ve landed in London and I am literally impressed by how well I managed to get into a bus and arrive in the city. Here I met my lovely lovely friend Sintia, whom I would love to thank for all the efforts she made to give me my best birthday party and for this I’ll love her endlessly.

However, the first shock that London gave me wasthe fact that I had to pay almost 9 pounds on transport for one day. I was going to be in London for 5 days… That’s going to be… expensive, I thought (and I damn right wasn’t wrong haha)

But we got home, at her place, met her sweet flatmates, had a shower and relaxed for a bit. Sintia told me she was having a surprise for me, that we would go out in a fancy place so soon we started preparing for my prebirthday party! I was so so so excited. Still I’m proud of me for not crying again like a little baby haha (omg I’m so emotionaaaaal. Note to myself : do something about it)

The night has come and we ate at a sweet sweet creperieand then took a fabulous black cab across the center of London and shortly (20 mins haha) we got to the place we were going to celebrate. It was simply breathtaking – The Savoy. (Google it, it’s simply amazing).





We went to the bar, got comfortable at a table and me and the girls started talking and laughing over a bottle of sparkling wine. There was live music, amazing relaxing atmoshpere, all things fancy. I felt great. I felt like princess. I felt blessed for having such amazing friends and family. I felt blessed for that really tasty sparkling wine. I felt amazing.I was 20. (London hour haha) – 3rd of October. Keep the date in mind for the next year haha

After enjoying the lovely Savoy, we went back home, changed into something casual and went to a students bar nearby where we drank. And drank. And drank. Jaggerbombs. 3 in a row, without even breathing. Not a good idea if you want to stay sober. And then we ordered some more. And more.

However, there was a thing that made me cry. Again.We got out of the club and Sintia shouted that it’s my birthday and then a bunch of people I really don’t know started singing Happy Birthday. Could you ever feel more loved? Oh yeah, and the manager of the club came to me and offered me a bottle of champagne on the house because it was my birthday hihi. And we danced (even pole dancing omg that was so hilarious) and laughed and drank and then went home. Still we started signing and laughing all the way home while Sintia was taking lots of snaps. Obviously added them to My Story on Snapchat. It was fun to watch them in the morning haha.

Even though it was my birthday and I was supposed to have fun(I’m not saying I didn’t I mean I had the best time of my life) I kind of started thinking about people and moments that have been missing from my life in the past year basically (and which I was trying to get back and failed every single time apparently) and ahm I felt a bit sad cause I don’t know… a birthday is kind of sad with no birthday sex with someone you care about, you know? haha

In the morning after we woke up and kind of tried to recoverfromlast night I went visiting. Felt like a real tourist. Birthday girl visiting London for the first time in her life. Oh yeah, and she’s 20 now. It felt so great. Best sunny day in tropical London.


But pictures are worth a million words ->




And yessss, I’ve tried the fabulous fish&chips and I loved it so much ❤

At night me and Sintia went to a club and danced our asses off. Even though I couldn’t feel my feet (damn you high heels) I felt great. (Still not to be mean or something but if I were to chose between Londonand Bucharest nightlife, I’m telling you Bucharest is a winner! )

The next day, unfortunately was a rainy one (typical London) but we still went visiting and finally bought myself a lovely birthday gift – it’s the NAKED 2! (I’m telling you girls, this thing is simply divine and thehappines I felt when I got the magic bag can’t be described into words haha – like really it can’t). Also been visiting some flats with Sintia and fell in love with one flat’s bedroom. It had a mirror wall. So kinky, right? And also a king sized bed. Mmmhhmmmm. Also been to Harrods. A little shopping never killed nobody! At lunch we went to Camden. When I was young and somehow punk (haha I know) I always dreamed about visiting Camden. Even though I’m not really into punk right now, Camden is great. I even got married! No, kiddin’. But a guy in a shop called me his wife so… Promise to remember you, mister! Haha. Funny thing is I bought a hat that says “AIN’T NO WIFEY”. Then, we spent alovely chill night at home gossiping and laughing.


The next day, it was the last free day of mine so we spent it visiting,obviously. I also tasted a great thing from London. I don’t know what it’s called but it was simply divine. Then took a ride withthe bus (God, I’m loving them so much!) and decided to buy myself another birthday gift – taaadaaaam – a box of MACARONS from Ladurée. (NEVER ATE SOMETHING SO GOOD). After walking around London for the whole day finally got home and I started packing. I almost cried. ALMOST.



IMG_2695.JPGOh yeah, and I had springrolls for the first time in my life. They are so deliciouuuus. I think I might order some right now….

The next day we stayed at home for a few hours and then I began my trip to the airport to get back to Bucharest. My flight was scheduled at 5 o’clock (London time) so I was able to see the sunset from the plane and it is amazing. Nothing can compare to what I’ve seen, literally. Also, I was able to see Bucharest at night, unfortunately I couldn’t take great pictures, don’t know why. But the memories will be forever with me!



This is how I celebrated my 20th anniversary and let me tell you,it was more than Icould ever wished for. I had lots of fun, I visited, I travelled, I finally flew on a plane, basically I had a taste of what I want my life to be like.

I would love to thank all of you who thought about me and wished me a Happy Birthday and not because they’ve seen it on Facebook but because they know and truly care about me. I’m really sorry thatI didn’treply butmake sure that I’ve read all them wishes and it sure as hell made my day a lot better. I felt really blessed.





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