3. Sweets

Everybody says that chocolate won’t ever cheat on you, hurt you or make you cry…
I couldn’t agree more.

Chocolate and sweets, in general are divine. However, I’m not obsessed with sweets, I just feel that the eating them from time to time can bring you joy.

Buuuut, somehow I’m developping an obsession (not big though) with macarons. Ever since I’ve been to London and bought myself a lovely Ladurée box of macarons, I’m craving that taste. Mostly, the rose one, it’s simply ahhh, can’t even put it into words. It’s like you’re basically eating a rose haha. Anyway, if you have a chance, you MUST try them out.
Also, my mom is a great cook ( and I love her endlessly for that) and her cakes are absolutely… They’ll leave you speechless.
So, yes, cakes,macarons,biscuits,cookies,chocolate, it doesn’t matter, SWEETS CAN BRING YOU HAPPINESS!
Just remember to have a limit while eating them. They can also be bad for your health and nothing is more important than health.
But when you’re feeling down, grab a chocolate, some macarons, a piece of cake, whatever you feel the need to eat, and make your day brighter.
Keep in mind, you always deserve to be happy! ❤️



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