4. Movies. TV series.

Feeling down?

No worries! Go ahead and watch a comedy.

Movies and TV series are great but you have to pick them wisely.

Why? Because they can affect your mood in a great way.

But you can never go wrong with a comedy. I would recommend New Girl, The Office, Hot in Cleveland and may many more.

Me, personally, I enjoy watching cooking shows like MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen, mainly because I’m passionate about cooking.

You have to get to know yourself good enough to be able to make yourself feel good again when people let you down.

Plus, watching a movie or a TV show makes you forget about everything for a little while, at least for a couple of minutes your mind is busy. And when you’re feeling down, trust me, it’s better not to have time to think about what makes you sad.

So lovelies, feeling down? Grab a popcorn and spend some time watching a movie or a TV show and I promise you’ll feel better! ❤️



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