15 reasons why you should always say YES to a music festival

1.  The music – honestly, nothing compares to hearing your favorite artists perform live on a huge stage, am I right or am I right?

hdfi2. It will be a life lesson –  clearly you will learn how to be more organised sigh. Cheers to that moment when you’ll have to make your schedule and (I hope you won’t find yourself in this situation) you’ll have to chose between two of your favourite artists because they are playing at the same time oh my God the struggle is real, so real


3. The daytime activities –  every festival before the concerts start, has lots and lots of activities that are meant to be relaxing, fun or they simply demand your creativity. You can chose between bungee jumping, paiting a vodka bottle, enjoying nature, taking photos in those lovely photo booths, sleeping in a hammock, getting a tattoo – do I need to say more?


4. The chance to wear your crazy outfits without people staring – let’s be honest, you’re at a music festival, you’re supposed to dress at least interesting + plus the possibility to wear your boots in the summer is priceless, I’m telling you (am I the only one that thinks boots and shorts look A-MA-ZING)? Also, you get to wear flowers in your hair  this is pure love


5. The pride that you feel when the artists keep telling you what an awesome crowd you guys are – do I need to say more?awesome

6. The amazing Instagram pictures you have afterwards – we all know that Instagram filters look better on festival photos. Plus, don’t you want to make others at least a little bit jealous?


7. Did I mention the partying, the fun but also the road trip to the venue? – imagine sleeping 3 to 4 hours each day because you’re way too busy partying and dancing and laughing and drinking and running and jumping and…wanting to sleep but however that would be impossible


8. Socialising – think about a crowd of over 50.000 people. You can’t be or even at least feel alone in there there will be some touching. You look around you, you spot a person, you two start dacing and BAM, new friends.


9. You will be become addicted – say yes to one music festival and then you’ll say yes every single time a new one come up


10. The goosebumps you get while watching the after-movie – we all know you dream about finding yourself somewhere over there so you could brag about it I feel you


11. There is music for everyone – you can pick the stage you want judging by your music taste  so I don’t think I can make it more obvious that MUSIC FESTIVALS ARE FOR EVERYONE


12. The food – yes, you won’t be able to maintain your eating schedule but can you say no to crepes, burgers, friend chips, pizza and many many many sweet treats?

patrick-eating13.  The fireworks – no, it’s not New Years Eve but you might as well kiss your honey (kissed you, honey <3). You will find these fireworks impressive only because in the meantime you can hear your favorite artist playing. Better than New Years Eve right?


14. You will finally stop spending so much time on social media and you’ll start enjoying the outdoor experience – only because you will constantly need battery to film and take photos all the time, obviously!


15. And last but not least the precious moments and memories that you get to spend with strangers, old friends, new friends, just friends, friends – this one here is priceless and lifelong!


So please, pretty please, never say no to a music festival!


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