Why Pandora in love?

My obsession with Pandora bracelets and mostly charms began this spring. Ever since I’ve wanted to get the bracelet soooo bad but I’ve also waited for something special to happen in my life so I can buy it with a reason.

I’ve finally bought the bracelet in May when I was in Brusseles with a scholarship. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, weird as this may sound haha.

For me, every charm on this bracelet has a meaning and I think this is the main purpose of this bracelet. To be a collection of memories that you can wear and show to the world.

My very first charm was a gift from my parents on 1st on June, on Children’s Day. It says ‘FAMILY LOVE’, the most import thing for me. After than I’ve received two more, also from my parents – one is an owl, wearing a square academic cap (got this one because of the amazing grades that I got during my 2nd year of Univ haha) and the other one is made out of clear crystals, meaning creativity and inspiration, the things I needed in order to make a life changing decision and right now I realise it was all worth it.

My very first charm and the bracelet
My very first charm and the bracelet

The other 3 amazing charms I got on my birthday from the people that matter to me the most – one is a cake, with a Happy Birthday message – guess it’s pretty obivious why and the others were a crown, because I was his cute little princess and the other one is e heart (because he loved me) obviously but with a gem that is supposed to protect the persons born in October from all the evil things out there in the world. And so far, that’s what it did for me.

Right after I’ve added the charms that I got for my birthday and I was suuuuper excited!

My advice for you is, if you really want a bracelet that can express your personality, DEFINITELY go with PANDORA CHARM BRACELETS. They have dozens of charms that can for sure relate to the memory that you want to keep forever close to you and the memories that you want to share with people. Don’t buy bracelets that don’t represent you. Don’t buy charms just to fill the bracelet. Buy or wait until you receive charms that can actually tell a story, most importantly, they can tell your story!

Also, if you already own a Pandora bracelet don’t forget to use the hashtag #pandorainlove so I can instantly ‘like’ your memories! ❤

Pandora shop <– click here for inspiration


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