15 motivational quotes for all students

I love studying. Honestly.

Don’t get me wrong! But, from time to time, being a student at two universities right now (International Relations and Law student haha – #proud) I sometimes need a little extra motivation.

Luckily for me, I often find it in these amazing quotes.

Good luck studying lovelies, and don’t forget to fight for your dreams!

  1. If you fall asleep now, you will dream. If you study now, you will live your dream.
  2. When you think it’s too late, the truth is, it’s still early.
  3. The pain of studying is only temporary. But the pain of not knowing—ignorance—is forever.
  4. Studying is not about time. It’s about effort.
  5. Life is not all about studying. But if you can’t even conquer this little part of life, then what else can you possibly do?
  6. Enjoy the inexorable pain.
  7. It’s those who are earlier than the others, those who put in more effort, who can enjoy the feelings of success.
  8. Not everyone can truely succeed in everything. But success only comes with self-management and determination.
  9. Time is flying.
  10. The saliva that flow now will become the tears of tomorrow.
  11. Dogs are learning, ambassadors are playing.
  12. If you don’t walk today, you’ll have to run tomorrow.
  13. People who invest in the future are realists.
  14. The level of education is in direct correlation with your salary.
  15. When today is over, it will never come back.




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