24 things you have to do on Christmas Eve!

I love Christmas… A lot.

But I wasn’t feeling really Christmassy since yesterday so I must admit that I got my inspiration from my lovely friend, who for the past 24 days all that she did was to talk (and write) about Christmas.

Love, you’re my muse for this one! ( https://alexdneagoe.wordpress.com )

So if you’re not that much into the Christmas spirit but you would love to (just like me), this is the perfect recipe!

  1. Wake up with a great smile on your face.
  2. Take a jolly picture (I took this one already haha) IMG_9730.JPG
  3. Eat just one and I repeat ONE cookie with milk (only to see if Santa’s gonna love them or not)7004095-cookies-for-santa-christmas-tree-happy-new-year_1.jpg
  4. Put on your Christmas clothes (must involve these kind of socks)FullSizeRender.jpg
  5. Fix the decorations of the Christmas tree or around the house if necessary (everything has to look perfect)christmas_decorations_printable_460_0.jpg
  6. Sing carols
  7. Help with the food, cookies or whatsoever
  8. Start wrapping the gifts
  9. Write cards for all your loved ones
  10. Daydream about a white Christmas
  11. Have dinner with family
  12. Place gifts under the tree
  13. Watch a Christmas movie together
  14. Start thinking about all the gifts and joy that you’ll get
  15. Become more and more and more curious, until you really just can’t take it anymore haha
  16. Finally! You can now open the gifts with your family
  17. Laugh. Sing. Love. Be jolly.
  18. Call your friends.
  19. Start visiting eachother, share gifts, eat a lot, drink a bit
  20. Sing together, laugh together
  21. Kiss your loved one under the mistletoe (or just kiss anyone, someone beautiful, someone smart, someone… just kiss the mirror 🙂 )
  22. When it’s late at night get back in bed (there are 2 more days to go)
  23. Start being thankful for living the most wonderful time of the year and for having such an amazing family and friends all around you
  24. Prepare for the next years’ Christmas! ❤


Until now, I only managed to finish 5 tasks out of 24 haha. I think I must be a bit lazy this year BUUUUUUT all in all



2 Comments Add yours

  1. alexdneagoe says:

    Awww! Loved this!! So many things today! Haha! Merry Christmas, babe! Love you!!! ❤

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      Hahaha I knewwww it!! Merry Christmas love, can’t wait to hear you sing! And you know I love you tons ❤

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