Why I’ve fallen in love with lace bras thanks to a magical one

Well this is quite a long title for a blog post haha…

But it’s true. I’ve managed to fall in love with lace bras. –excited-

Let me tell you a cute little story.

Ever since I’ve seen pictures of cute lace bras, I always told myself that I.NEED.THEM.

Obviously, when I need something I have to get it. This being said, I’ve started to put on several bras and, unfortunately for me, I only realised that I am picky as fuuuck when it comes to bras.

I’ve tried bras from several brands/designers, whatever you wanna call them and I always found something that I didn’t like (the lace was poor quality, the sewing wasn’t great, the size wasn’t right etc etc )

After several attempts, I told myself that maybe lace bras aren’t for me.

Time has passed and one day, going from one blog to another, I found the Holy Grail of lace bras. And I’m not kidding. I found myself admiring their shape, their lace and I knew I was in love.

But I wasn’t really sure if it was worth the risk again.

Soon, I told myself that maybe this one is the one.

And my intuition was damn right! I found the one!


First of all, the order went pretty quick. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to measure myself. Apparently all the other times they said that the bra is made just for me, so it would fit perfectly. Bla bla bla. It sure as hell didn’t.

Here, you have to choose between two sizes – which is great.

Once the order was complete, the package arrived the other day. I was really really reaaaally excited! And honestly it was the first time that I felt this way about a bra haha.

When opening the package I was 100% in looooveeee.

The bra was so pretty boxed that I even felt sorry for opening the black box with a purple ribbon on it. It truly felt like opening a gift ❤

After opening it and searching through the white wrapping paper I saw it. MY bra was there!

But honestly, what I love about the bra it’s its quality.

The lace is really nice, soft and feels great on your skin. I love the fact that it is very well sewed together. Also, I love the fact that the the straps are adjustable. And most importantly (!!!) I love the fact that it doesn’t come up in the back (you know, when your bra doesn’t fit right, it’s back parts start rising and it’s annoying and super uncomfortable)

Also, I love the fact that although it doesn’t have any underwires, the seam underneath is double so even though it’s a bralette it gives you a little extra support.

Anyway, all in all I was finally excited with my lace bra. And mostly I was excited that at least one fitted me perfectly.

I love the fact that is delicate, feminine, and completely comfortable. And also, not only it looks great but it also feels great. Not to mention the fact that opening the box feels like opening an amazing gift haha.

So if you’re even in doubt about choising a bralette or not, I say go for it! But be careful what you’re chosing.

I bought mine from here -> http://postolatieva.com/lazy-sundays/

I’m pretty sure you won’t regret the decision 🙂 Also, she’s a sweetie and answers all your questions via e-mail on the spot.



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