New Year’s Resolution

For a few years now I’ve been writing my New Year’s Resolution and I’ve managed to accomplish many of the goals that I’ve setteled.

If you haven’t done your New Year’s Resolution, now is the perfect time!

Here’s mine ❤️

  1. Dream more
  2. Love more
  3. Appreciate the people around you more
  4. Travel outside Europe
  5. Make your own money
  6. Write more
  7. Keep an agenda
  8. Visit Paris
  9. Take pictures
  10. Finish university and be proud of yourself
  11. Work for your future
  12. Start *that* business
  13. Find new hobbies
  14. Have more time for yourself
  15. Be more patient
  16. Talk more, text less
  17. Try new food
  18. Cook more often
  19. Be strong
  20. Drink more water
  21. Become more active
  22. Become more confident
  23. Take more chances
  24. Reduce stress
  25. Be happy
  26. Learn to be happier with your life
  27. Get more sleep
  28. Read more
  29. Spend more time with people that matter
  30. Stay focused
  31. Learn to cut out people that are no longer making you happy
  32. Turn your hobby into a possible career
  33. Start a savings account
  34. Learn Italian better
  35. Have more family fun nights
  36. Go to more events. Concerts. Plays. Festivals.
  37. Write more on your blog
  38. Stop overthinking
  39. Stop getting mad so easily
  40. Buy that camera maybe
  41. Get a job
  42. Grow
  43. Do something unique on your birthday
  44. Live. Laugh. Love
  45. Worry less
  46. Enjoy life
  47. Make these resolutions happen!

Love ❤️


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