And the Holy Grail of foundation issss…

Since I love make-up and I also have some teoretic knowledge from the courses that I followed ( bragging a bit right now) I thought about sharing some of my favorite products with you.

As I’ve already mentioned, I love make up, but I’m not obsessed with it for sure. I love my skin and my features, let’s start from here.

Personally I see make up as art. But it sure as hell isn’t the art of lying. Maybe I’ll be a bit mean right now but if you are a completely different person when you’re taking off you’re make up, then honestly, you don’t get my respect. And it is because of girls like you that men have trust issues haha. Joking a bit right now. Or not.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to cover some imperfections if that makes you feel better about yourself, but completely changing your face… That’s a huge no no.


The Holy Grail of foundation for me issssss (drums please!)

L’ORÉAL ACCORD PARFAIT ! (or L’Oréal True Match, it’s the same thing)

Pro’s of getting this product (from my own point of view)

  1. It’s really easy to blend
  2. It has lots of shades so you’ll find one that suits you for sure (most of them are yellow based which suits most color skins)
  3. Even though the color isn’t matching your face 100% I think that the foundation does some kind of magic and it doesn’t look weird on your face
  4. Also it has some amazing formula that leaves your face hydrated after you’re washing it off
  5. It’s NOT ruining your face. Because of the fact that it has some great quality ingredients it doesn’t do any harm to your face (not even a little allergic reaction)
  6. It doesn’t have any smell (personally I don’t like foundations that smell like roses)
  7. It feels really soft on your skin
  8. It doesn’t give you that mask, cakey look
  9. It lasts pretty well on your skin (talking about normal skin)

Con’s of getting this product

  1. It doesn’t give you full coverage. It gives you a medium coverage because of its thin consistency so you might wanna add two layers it you are in need of a full coverage
  2. If you have oily skin you might wanna add a little bit of powder on your T zone to make it last the whole day
  3. I find it a little bit too liquid


Judging by the fact that it’s a drugstore product the price is a really good one and its quality makes it worth it! Also, you can find it really easy.

Next time you see this foundation, just say yes! ❤


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