So many things to write about, so little time.

The thing is, right now I have 14 exams to pass and a thesis to write. Should be fun, right?

The thing is, I just realized that whenever sometimes asks me what I would truly like to have or to get as a gift my answer is simply… Time.

I feel that there are so many things that I could do but I really don’t have time. And it is not that I’m spending it on the Internet or so, cause I’m not.

I guess maybe it’s a good thing to be busy. But I want time to make more wonderful things happen.

I wanna laugh more, I wanna love more, I wanna spend more time talking, walking (not running from one point to another), admire beauty.

But I can’t.

And I guess this is how life truly work. You suddenly realise that your life went by and you didn’t have time to live your life and do the amazing things you are capable of.


Time. Always time.

Sorry guys for being too emotional. But I really felt that I have to share this with you. Don’t know when but hopefully soon I’ll get the chance to write something better.

Also, Dali. Always Dali.


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