Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

Shit, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day amd I haven’t gotten myself anything yet!


But if you guys are finding yourself in trouble getting a sweet gift for your girlfriend I might have a few ideas.

BUT! I don’t think that you need a special day to show the one you love how much you appreciate them. If you are truly in love you’ll just show them everyday. But since it’s a celebration, you kinda don’t wanna make your girlfriend feel bad that you acted like this day never happened.

I wanna say that I can’t assure you that these are gifts are going to melt her heart. Every girl is different and since she is YOUR girl you should know her well enough to decide which ones of these gifts she’ll love.

Soooo this being said, here are my ideas for the perfect Valetine’s Day gift for her:

1. A box full of flowers. Nothing says I love you better than flowers!


2. A box full of heart shaped chocolates/macarons/cake/anykindofsweets, together with a Valetin’s Day card. If you are feeling creative you can even make the card yourself. You can also write a sweet poem.


3. Really hot lingerie. It will make her feel sexy and powerful, while you get to be turned on by simply admiring the view. And so you both end up happy and naked.


4. A romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. If she doesn’t have any go for a rooftop restaurant. Also, don’t forget to take a picture of her while she’s not paying attention and write a beautiful caption. All girls like that kind of show off.


5. If she ever told you about something that she saw and she loved or if she told you that she really wanted something, forget about all the other gift ideas.


6. If you are planning on having a life long relationship a promise ring would be the perfect choice.


7. “Wear this dress tonight. Dinner is at 9. I will come and pick you up.” Do I need to say more?


8. If she’s a Pandora addict (like me) a charm or even the bracelet itself would make a nice gift.


9. All your love


10. And all your attention. No matter what day it is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.06.31.png

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