15 reasons why you should visit Sibiu right now

First things first, Sibiu is a city located in Transylvania and is one of the most important cultural centers of Romania judging by the fact that in 2007 it was designated the European Capital of Culture.

I’ve been twice in Sibiu (shame on me!) but I can tell for sure that I’ve lost my heart in this city.

So here are my 15 reasons why you should get on the first train/plane/car/bike/whatsoever and visit this amazing city! And because a picture is worth a thousand words, here you goooo

  1. Its architecture
  2. Its history. The first official record referring to the Sibiu area comes from 1191.In the 14th century, it was already an important trade centre. Sibiu became the most important ethnic German city among the seven cities that gave Transylvania its German name Siebenbürgen(literally seven cities).During the 18th and 19th centuries, the city became the second and later the first most important centre of Transylvanian Romanian ethnics.

    After World War I, when Austria-Hungary was dissolved, Sibiu became part of Romania; the majority of its population was still ethnic German (until 1941) and counted a large Romanian community, as well as a smaller Hungarian one.

    Starting from the 1950s and until after 1990, most of the city’s ethnic Germans emigrated to Germany and Austria.

    Among the roughly 2,000 who have remained is Klaus Johannis, the current President of Romania.

  3. Its doors
  4. Its ‘eyes’

    The houses and their eyes
  5. Its towers
  6. It’s affordable. As anything else in Romania. You can get a nice room, eat as much a you want, visit as many things as you can and you would still have enough money left in your pocket.
  7. Its great food
  8. Its International Theatre Festival
  9. The Bridge of Lies
  10. Its Old Town
  11. Its Christmas Market
  12. Its narrow streets
  13. Its museums :  Brukenthal National MuseumAstra National Museum Complex
  14. The Evangelical Cathedral
  15. last but not least its amazing people. You’re in Transylvania. Nothing else to say.


Hope you are already planning your trip to Sibiu!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos!!! ❤

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dimfan says:

    I spent there a couple of weeks last summer. Absolutely loved it!

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      Haha I’m so glad you liked it! Hope you are going to visit it again soon! 😁

  2. Agree completely. Been there three times myself and I think it’s my favourite city. Bar none

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      I really really really glad you liked it! Come back soon! 😄

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