Romanian Traditions, Dragobetele saruta fetele!

Today, the 24th of February, the Romanians are celebrating love with what we call Dragobete.

24th of February is thought to be the day when nature reborns, the birds are starting to build their nests, all of these making people more warm at heart, more loveable.

Dragobete is thought to be the God of happiness, joy and youth, but also, the son of baba Dochia. He was a very handsome man, seducing every girl that saw him.
 So what should you do today?

In the countryside, early in the morning boys and girls were going into the woods in order to pick up flowers, while singing and dancing. When coming back home from the forest, there is a tradition that says thay boys were running after girls in order to kiss them. If the girl liked the boy she let him kiss her, this kiss being considered the first stept of their relationship. The next step would be taken later that evening, the new relationship being made “public” by telling the members of the family about it. This is why “Dragobetele saruta fetele!” makes a lot of sense!


Buuuut in our days…

First of all it is thought that the ones that are celebrating Dragobete today are going to be healthy the whole year.

Also, couples should wear today their nicest clothes and meet, so that they would be happy and in love for an entire year.

Also, today there are being held symbolic engagement ceremonies, so that the next year the real engagement could be made (it is thought that this way, the Love God can guide their real decision)

Single girls are supposed to touch a man today so that they would be loveable and capable of giving love the whole year. It is said that if today girls do not meet with a guy, they would end up alone for the whole year.

Also, single girls should sleep with basil under their pillow so that tonight they are going to dream their Prince Charming and to make it easy for them to find him.

Men should NOT make women mad or sad today, they should NOT argue with them, as it is thought to bring bad luck the entire year.

The Romanian tradition say that today you are NOT allowed to cry. It is said that tears are turning into sadness for the following months.

Couples, if they want to be together this whole year MUST kiss today! (The more the better).

Today Romanians all around the world are spending precious time with their soulmates, celebrating love, joy, happiness and understanding. But also, they celebrate the birth of nature as spring is just around the corner.

I wish you all a merry Dragobete but also DRAGOBETELE SARUTA FETELE! ❤️

P.S. Aren’t Romanian traditions great? I just love them!

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  1. Great post! Indeed Dragobete has an important semnification in Romania and offers a lot of great stories and legends. The one that I liked the most is when Dragobete marries a girl that Baba Dochia doesn’t like and the two of them bring the sheep to the mountain an freeze there.

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      Yesss, that’s an amazing story too! It’s so nice to think about Romanian traditions. They are amazing! Glad you liked my post!

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