5 things you MUST do this SPRING

It’s officially the first day of spring! so excited

From now on we can leave our heavy clothes in the wardrobe, put on your cute little dresses and enjoy every minute of this amazing season.

Of course there are some things you have to cross off your bucket list this spring!

Here are my MUST DO‘s.

  • 1. Take loooooong walks.

The weather just got warmer, the sun is shining, nature reborns, everything starts to be alive again. And this is what you should do, too! Take really long walks in the park and admire nature and its beauty. Find your inner peace and be happy. Shine just as bright as the sun.

  • 2. Make love

No, I’m not joking. Spring is such a beautiful season and you have to enjoy every single moment of it. Spend lots of time with your loved one, appreciate eachother and show your neverending love everyday.

  • 3.  Take lots of pictures

For someone obsessed with taking lots  and lots and I mean loooottssss of pictures spring is the perfect season for this. The light is great, the weather is just fine. Everything around you is beautifully colored and it looks amazing in a shot. Just try it!

  • 4. Go running

Time to be fit! The weather’s perfect! You became lazy during winter, now it’s the perfect time to be active and most importantly it’s time to be healthy! Go put on your running shoes and make it happen!

  • 5. Buy flowers/bouquets

Nothing says spring better than flowers! With their lovely scent and their amazing colors they can change your mood in a second! A quick glance in the morning at the lovely bouquet you got in your bedroom will make your day! Although, I truly hope that today, the 1st of March, you will get at least one beautiful flower, just like you. Also I hope it has a red and white ribbon on it so it will bring you luck the whole year. You deserve it!

  • Whatever you do ALWAYS enjoy life!

Nothing says happy life more than spring. Winter is over, time for our happy seasons whoop whoop! Be grateful for whatever life gives you and make sure you make the best out of anything. Life is too short to be anything but happy!

Have a great spring everyone! ❤

P.S. Sper sa primiti multe martisoare si multe flori azi, fetelor!



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