21 things my bestfriends often tell me but I almost never listen

  • 1. “You’re drunk. Don’t text him”


  • 2. ” Stop being so sarcastic”
    Are you going to tell me to put an end to my life next??!!
  • 3. “Stop getting back together with him.”
    Aaaaannnnd you’ve already did it, didn’t you? You stupid naive newborn baby.
  • 4. “You should watch this movie, it’s amazing.”
    *2 months later*
    You didn’t watch the movie, did you?
  • 5. “Stop getting angry for nothing
    Omg my eyeliner’s not right dsfahjrenbhkdfj
  • 6. “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.”
    These bitches be living in whoreland.
  • 7. “He’s not the only guy in the world, I’m sure you’re gonna find someone better!”
    Yesssss, fuck that fuckboy!
    *2 days later*
    OMG I’m gonna die alone no one loves me sjshnbsdisdik
  • 8. “Promise me you won’t drink too much tonight.”
    *in the morning*
    Please don’t talk to me. Please don’t touch me.
  • 9. “Stop taking so many pictures.”
    Why do you have to be so annoying?
  • 10.”*when going out* you should drink some water instead of that vodka
    It’s in my half russian nature I can’t deny it!!!
  • 11. “Stop making fun of people. “
    Unless we do it together.
  • 12. “Okaaay no more wine for you missy.”
  • 13. “Cut the drama.”
    I can’t live life this way.
  • 14. “Don’t be so paranoid.”
    Why? Are you lying to me?
  • 15.” You should try be less selfish.”
    Kkkkk. But don’t touch my food.
  • 16. “It’s not the end of the world. Get over it.”
  • 17. “Stop asking for constant affection.”
    Kkkk. You are allowed to have other friends. You just have to love me more.
  • 18.” People can’t always do whatever you want.”
    But…buut…buuuuuutttt…. I don’t know how to take no for an answer.
  • 19.” Promise me you’ll remind me about this tomorrow.”
    *3 years later*
    Hey remember when you told me to remember you about something
  • 20.” Can’t you stop having so many expectations from people?”
    But… Buuuuttttt…. Buuuuutttt my life has to be perfect.
  • 21. “I love you.”
    Are you sure?


Cause I might be annoying, demanding, paranoid, selfish, sometimes mean, silly but I’m also damn funny, smart, helpful, always there for you, caring, ready to listen to you no matter the time and more than anything else, I love you with all my heart. ❤️
To all my lovelies, thank you so much for everything you are doing for me. I’ll never forget you.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. alexdneagoe says:

    Loveeee this! ❤

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      I’m glad you do babe 😍

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