Inside the May issue of Glamour and the power of Instagram

Spoiler alert : This isn’t a fashion related post haha

I just wanna say a few nice words about the May issue of Glamour Romania and the power of Instagram.

The other morning I bought the May issue of Glamour Romania because of one title on the cover that really caught my eye -‘The Instagram Issue’. Funny thing. I bought the magazine because I saw a picture of its cover on Instagram of course. ( Ohhh and also you can read a very well written interview with Chiara Feraggni! )

As a person that’s in love with Instagram and how this cute little app can become a trend setter I decided to make myself a lovely breakfast, stay in bed and enjoy the article.

I found 12 pages full of interesting stuff and amazing pictures taken from some great Instagrammers. The article has some hashtags instead of subtitles which I found really nice and catchy. Also you get to learn about the history of Instagram, the most memorable things that took place here, digital influencers (Romanian or international), the power of Instagram and basically how it can become a job.


My favorite thing about this article were the pictures taken at Fashion Week that you could only find on Instagram.


Because let’s be honest. You don’t need a lot of media media coverage these days. You just need to take 20 instagrammers, give them an All Access Pass and you get your whole show covered, promoted and seen by millions. People also tend to believe that Instagrammers are more relateable than some PR campaigns because they know they can find an honest opinion at an Instagrammer (or a blogger).

Do you still think Instagram hasn’t change your life? A bit?

Then you better run and get your own copy of the May issue of Glamour Romania and read for yourself!

P.S. If the pancakes made you hungry you have here my personal super easy recipe -> Yummy in my tummy


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