Travel Essentials Packing List

It’s that time of the year again! Time to TRAVEL ❤

The worst part about travelling may be the ‘packing’ stage.

Travelling for 3 years more than ever ( coming home, coming back, going to different places in Romania or not, summer vacation and so on) made me realise that packing is not that difficult. You just need to find out what is useful for you and what isn’t.

To make this easy for you, here are my travel essentials :

  • clothes – if you wanna travel light you should think about different outfits you want to wear each day and maybe another 1 or 2 outfits ‘just in case’. This way you don’t pack unncessary stuff
  • shoes – comfy shoes depeding on the kind of trip you’re making but always pack a pair of high-heels. You never know 😉
  • accessories – sunnies, a watch, something classy (my ‘classy thing’ for example is a diamond ring and that’s that), statement necklace(s), your Pandora bracelet 😀
  • lingerie – no matter where you’re going, having sth hot and black is a must
  • make-up & hair – Talking about me – for me the one item I couldn’t give up would be mascara, but now it depends on whatever you prefer. My essentials however would be these and some brushes (foundation brush, eye shadow blending brush, blush brush):
  • And for hair : a brush, dry shampoo when you’re hair’s messy after a wild sleep and a hair band.
  • musts – toothbrush, perfume, lotions (I can’t live without this one ❤ )_DSC2629.JPGdeodorant, handbag(s), napkins and sooooo ooon. You know best what you can’t live without.
  • otherssss – a book, your camera, your phone, headphones, laptop, agenda, chargers, wallet

    The final result 🙂

We are now readyyyy to goooo!


Did I forget something? I’ll see when I get there. insert Kanye West – Homecoming here

Travel as much as you can, but don’t forget to come back! 🙂


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