Happy Easter, bunnies!

Happy Easter, bunnies! ❤ 

Easter’s a few hours away so me and Carlita were trying to get into the holiday mood, and so we decided to paint some eggs and try to be useful.

Since we are so fabulous, we agreed to make some sparkly eggs it suits us best!

We only made gold insert A$AP Rocky – Goldie here and red eggs because they are the prettiest! (also, mom likes them most)


But when we were taking photos, Cookie just wanted to protect the eggs as they were his property hahaha. I guess that instead of having an Easter bunny, we’re having an Easter Puppy ❤


The food’s ready and it smells delicious, desserts are ready, the table is set and we are ready to celebrate * and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and you get the point*


May your Easter be just as fabulous and as filled with happiness and as sunny and as amazing and as lovely as ours!


Enjoy the holidays, lovelies!


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