Always keep it classy!

You know what they say: keep it classy, never trashy.

Personally I live by this saying. I always like to keep things simple. For me simple means classy. ❤

Going to a special occasion may give you headaches when trying to pick an outfit. My advice for you is as you may have already guessed keep it simple!

You don’t need to wear lots of accesories or go hard on your makeup. You just need to look as natural as possible. And ALWAYS  wear your smile!!!


Okaaaay. First things first!

Pay great attention to the colors you’re wearing. Always wear colors that match! (if you don’t know which colors match and which don’t, check out the color matching wheel below)


Right now I’m in a phase when I’m in love with nudes,whites and black, which are really easy to match so I just made my job a whole lot easier haha. So I just wore a beautiful pink shade nude lace dress and nude stilettos.


If you are in love with colorful colors though please, pwetty please, pay great attention to colors! 

The more the merrier is something that you should NEVER consider when wearing jewelry/accessorries! Go for quality, not quantity. Combine maybe a bracelet and a small ring, wear ONLY a statement necklace, wear ONLY large earrings, maybe a small necklace and a bracelet and so on. Also, NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE wear GOLD AND SILVER.

I wore my Ray Ban sunnies, Pandora bracelet and Swarovski ring. Simple as that.


And don’t forget, classy girls are the prettiest! 🙂



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