A little blue never killed nobody

Always add a little blue in your life. And make them blue heels. Wear them with a jumpsuit. ❤
As you already know, recently I don’t feel like wearing colours I think I’m getting old . I only go with nude, black, white and maybe some pale shades of pink now. I have no idea how I ended up here but packing my bag today I realised that I might have an issue haha.

However, from time to time I do feel the need to add a little something colorful to my outfit.

Ever since I saw this cute jumpsuit in my closet I was sure that I am going to wear it with something other than nude or black heels.

So I found something blue that really caught my eye. And I couldn’t get enough of it!

I am talking about these amazing blue sandals! ❤


Not only do these heels look amaaaazing but are also super comfortable. Trust me!

What I think that makes these shoes really special is their really weird/wavy sole.

Anyways, my advice for you issssss… Don’t be afraid to wear a crazy color with something neutral if you’re going to an informal event. I’m sure you’re going to look amazing!




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