Bucharest International Light Festival


Spotlight –  also known as Bucharest International Light Festival took place last weekend in Bucharest where else and it was b-e-a-utifuuuul ❤

What is Spotlight though?

It’s one of those amazing events that can make any city come alive at night.

How? By filling it with music and lights.

And what is more beautiful than city lights?

Nothing ❤


The event took place on Calea Victoriei, starting from the National Museum of Art of Romania and ending at the Romanian History Museum.

What could you do at Spotlight?

You could admire video mappings, a penguin army, a really creepy face that was created based on your face and based on your own facial movements (a holoface), a weird man super tripy, a light carpet with some beautiful patterns, some drawing in light, mirrors, a molecule structure, some celestial patterns, a light striker, some AMAZING angel wings, 3D selfies, and many many more interesting innovations. 


Honestly it felt like walking in an art gallery filled with lights and the big city buzz!

Unfortunately, I only managed to admire the lights on the last day of Spotlight but it was soooo worth it ❤

I don’t think words can describe the way Bucharest looked Sunday night so I’m just going to let these photos here couldn’t help it and took my camera for a ride haha





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