Rome and birthday party!


I had my birthday party in Rome and it was UH-AMAZING!

Rome, champagne, lovely people, pictures, outfits, tasty food, great wine and sunny days were the elements of my birthday and it was everything I ever wanted.

* DISCLAIMER* I’ve wanted to go to Rome for quite a while now (you can see that by clicking here -> I need to go to Rome) so this was kind of a dream come true for me. (And I have to thank love for this. Bae, you the best ❤ )


Sooooo since I love celebrating my birthday and making it a big thing I grabbed my best friend and flew to Rome.


First of all, ROME IS FABULOUS! for all the reasons listed in the link I inserted above

RomeHowever you need to take into consideration the fact that you’re gonna spend most of your money on museums and visiting the city and its attractions.





Fontana Di Trevi

My very first advice to you is wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to walk miles around the city and killer shoes aren’t really the best choice.

Otherwise, go for your most fashionable outfits, italians dress damn good! Hahaha 😹


If you really want to get to know Rome, spend time talking to italians on the street. They are extremely friendly! We got free shots of limoncello btw 🎉

The Colosseo

However, pay great attention to traffic! They are craaaazyyyyy.

When in Italy/Rome you MUST and I repeat you MUST visit Vatican. If you have a thing for art and beauty you will be amazed by what you’ll see. Musei dei Vaticani will take your breath away, you have my word!



But what I loved most about my birthday was the birthday lunch that we had right after we visited the Colosseo at Royal Art Café, a really chic place with tasty food and great wine. Royal Art Café is situated right across the Colosseo. And the view is amazing! ❤️



We ended the day with gelato and a great laugh! And for me that’s what a perfect life is made of hahaha!

And for all the reasons and pictures listed above I truly believe that Rome is the absolut best choice for a birthday party! Trust me, mine was fabulous!

The Pantheon

I’m 22 years old now. And I love it. No, I don’t feel old. I feel younger and happier than ever. But what I love most about 22 are the people around me, their energy, their positivity, their presence and the way they make me feel. Thank you for being a part of my life this year and you all mean the world to me ❤️

P.S. Rome, you made me fall in love with your beauty and your vibes and I can’t wait to come back! Hope to see you soon! ❤️



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