Tomboy outfit and my new favourite bag

I’m obsessed with this tomboy outfit but I’m madly in love with my new bag!

Going to Rome oh here I go again talking about Rome, I know made me look for new outfit ideas, something that wasn’t necessarily my style.


This is how I ended up wearing a tomboy outfit and honestly I loved it!

Tomboy outfit

Usually I find myself wearing quite feminine clothes but somehow I wanted a change.

So I just grabbed a simple white shirt I honestly find them very attractive, with high collar and some loose striped pants.


You can find them both in the nearest H&M store 🙂


However I felt that it was a bit too masculine for my taste so I grabbed my bae’s necklace which I gave her for her birthday hahaha adding a feminine touch to the look.

Tomboy outfit

IMG_8556.jpgAlso, I think you all know that me and bags, we have a special something, a strong connection, and the look wouldn’t have been complete without a fabulous fabulous bag!


Searching for the perfect bag on WeLoveCouture (when you feel like shopping make sure you check this online store, trust me! )  I stumbled upon this MAESTOSO mini bag and it was LOVE at first sight ❤

mini bag


Thank you WeLoveCouture (<- click, click, click) for making my outfit 10 times hotter haha!


And, as a plus, look at the cute box the bag came with ❤

Ever since that beautiful day, I decided that I’m going to call this bag my ‘new favourite bag’. For now!


To complete the look I wore my pale pink oh so obsessed with them shoes (you can admire them above) and taaadaaammmmm!


Rome inspired outfit! 🙂 



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