In the mood for something grey

Officiallyyyyy It’s autumn outside and I’m in the mood for something grey! 🙂

autumn outfit

Today’s a rainy day in Bucharest and I slept ’till noon which got me thinking about the sunny and warm days that WE spent in Rome ❤ sorry bae, but we are in this together


And I was in the mood for grey. Because honestly I love grey.

Yes, for me grey is actually a color. And yes, I love grey, again.

autumn outfit

And I love grey even more  when you add just a tiny bit of color next to it I prefer pale pink to be honest.

Nope, I adore grey tbh 😀

How to create the perfect grey outfit for autumn?

Step 1. Mix a colorful yet grey t-shirt and a grey blazer and you’ll end up wearing perfection.

autumn outfit

Step 2. Add those black super skinny ripped jeans.

autumn outfit

Step 3. Now pick some comfy shoes – go with grey or maybe add just a touch of colour again.

ripped jeans

Step 4. Finish the look with a silver backpack ❤

autumn outfit

Step 5. Don’t forget your Pandora bracelet! Or whatever accessories you love, just make sure they are silver.

autumn outfit

And now, my dear, you are ready to rock the day, no matter the weather 🙂

P.S. I couldn’t post this without a lovely pic of us ❤



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