Sun & fur in November

It’s November! But there are still sunny days that require (faux) fur! 🙂 

faux fur outfit

DISCLAIMER right now, at night when I’m writing this, it’s pouring rain here in Bucharest. And it’s kinda cold. And it’s kinda depressing for a person that can be /is influenced by weather. Sometimeessss. And it’s kinda waaay too autumn for me right now. Oh, and did I mention I’m an autumn lover?

Even though it’s almost winter it’s November omg time flieessss there are days when you can still enjoy a sunny day in Bucharest.

And if you ever find yourself in doubt about what you can wear on a warm autumn/ November day, here’s my idea.

  • a faux fur vest 
  • white shirt
  • trousers
  • short boots

faux fur outfit




And since this post is all about fur, I have to mention that mine is custom made BUT it’s made of faux fur. This is my advice to all of you, lovelies, go with faux fur! Trust me, it looks just as great as natural fur 🙂

Sooooo please, pwetty please, make it a faux fur ❤

faux fur outfit

P.S. I know… Weirdest place EVER for taking photos! Hahaha

-> behind the scenes silly pic

faux fur outfit



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