Leather & Wool

It’s that time of the year when leather & wool are a match made in heaven!

wood leather outfit

December is just around the corner. And it’ssss cold outside. We all know it. 

Still… There’s only a month left until Christmas and everything already seems to be… jolly! ✨

wool leather outfit

Since it’s (almost. well not really. but yeah) freezing outside we need somehing comfy, yet stylish to keep us warm. And wool is the perfect choice ❤️


And what I love most to mix with wool is leather

Yes, maybe they aren’t the most comfy pants in the world, but they sure are the most fancy ones! 

wool leather outfit


Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit with a fedora hat and a smile! ❤

wool leather outfit

I wanted the give the look a fancy touch so I wore a pair of simple black boots with a mid heel because oh well… simplicity.

wool leather outfit

Here’s the final element of the recipe -> 

wool sweater + a shirt underneath = warm & lovely ❤️


wool leather outfit


Zara leather pants;

Zara wool sweater

COS shirt

Stradivarius fedora hat

Humanic boots


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