Layers and street vibes

It was a warm sunny winter day when I felt like going for a walk wearing layers inspired by the street vibes.

street style

Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I feel that streets can actually inspire you.

street style

You get to see the beauty and the ugliness of a city at the same time. There’s some sort of layering in this and basically this is what this outfit is about.


Yes, ok, for most people it may look like you’re kind of grabbing random clothes from your closet and put them all together but in our own twisted minds I’m talking here about us, the crazy ones that get inspired by the streets they’ve walked and the memories they’ve kept these clothes somehow make sense.


You may call it artsy, you may call it crazy… but aren’t we all a little crazy?

street style


Plus, it’s cold outside, either you like it or not I really don’t you need to wear multiple layers in order to keep yourself warm, right?


Just keep in mind that life needs a little craziness in order to be attractive and maybe, who knows, next time you’ll walk down the street, the things you’ll see are going to inspire you!



Stradivarius basic turtleneck

Cardigan made by mommy ❤

Lee Cooper boyfriend jeans

Musette belt

Reserved boots

Ray Ban sunglasses

Zara bag

P.S. Always listen to the street vibe! 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. BeaFreitas says:

    Love the outfit! Great post, thanks for sharing!

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