The 5 things you’ll need in January


Now that we had some time to realise that 2016 is finally over we should never, ever talk about that year again, we MUST make plans for 2017.

So I was thinking that since that ‘new year, new me’ thingy does not work for me because I almost never change hihihihi and because I almost always feel the need to make lists and plans, I decided to make a list of all the things that will do me good in January not only


Here are the 5 things you’ll need in January, for sure! or at least I’ll need

  1. A pair of good comfy yet fabulous leather gloves

    Forever21 gloves
  2. Tons of fedora hats in different colours and shapes to keep the heat it
  3. 2017 Planner – IT’S A MUST for all of you busy bees out there *ordered mine a few hours ago – I’m starting to go crazy without one*

    Andreea Raicu Agenda
    Andreea Raicu 2017 Planner
  4. Some giant scarves to protect your neck but also give you a stylish look in a minute
  5. Boots – totally simple, black, maybe fur-lined ankle boots

May the first month of 2017 be filled with joy, cold days and warm hearts and may we never forget to make plans, write lists in our 2017 planner and smile as often as we can!

January essentials
My very own January essentials  💁🏻

January, be awesome! ❤


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