Why I kept my Instagram private

Why kept my Instagram private, that is the question!


First things first, I am on Instagram, yaaay!

I’ve been on Instagram since I was in highschool. Which was quite a while ago now that I’m thinking about it… *feeling old*

However, I did not start using it frequently since last year, I guess.

And by frequently I mean adding more than 100 photos a year, adding hashtags to my photos and spending time scrolling daily.

I must admit… I fell in love with Instagram more than with any social media thingy.

Buuuut I didn’t want many people to know my username because oh well, not really sure why.

So basically this is why I haven’t linked my Instagram account to my blog only a few months ago. 😀

But I’m glad I did it now!

Because honestly, there’s no shame in it. This is who I mean, this is what I like so go ahead, be as judgemental as you can! 😉

Without further ado *tam tam* here’s my Instagram account -> Bianca on Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 21.25.24.png

Follow me. Like me. Inbox me! 🙂 


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