Mix and match

Long time, no outfit post! Time for a little mix & match ❤

It’s been quite a while since I last posted an entire outfit inspiration *kinda missed it, I guess*.

winter outfit

And then I remembered that a dear friend of mine *thank you again, Andrei* took some lovely photos of me back in December, when there was no snow and it was quite colder tbh😂

I’ve always been a fan of the idea to mix & match clothes, but I’m not the courageous type. I like to keep things simple, classy and always match the colors.

In the winter time I’m not much of an accessories type of gal since living in Bucharest during winter requires layers and layers and layers of clothes.

winter outfit

Soooooooo…. My choice was to combine some black *of course*, white and grey.

winter outfit

Not much of a color lover, I know.

I chose a pair of skinny high waist jeans even though they are not really my type since I got a tiny waist and a bit of a bum *rolling eyes* and it’s quite hard to find a choice that can suit me. And I also needed a belt which I found in my mom’s closet. 😀 hihihi

winter outfit

I wore a simple white turtleneck sweater, one of my favorites actually since it’s so comfy and soft and warm. ❤ Also, I wore a black blazer made by my aunt just because it was a bit too cold outside.

winter outfit

Added a pair of boots with a tiny heel to give the look that ‘little something’.

Completed the outfit with my favorite jacket of all times and my favorite and most useful bag of all times.

winter outfit

Here it is, a comfy outfit for cold days. Not guaranteed for cold hearts, though. 🙂

What I wore

Mango high waist skinny jeans

Mom’s belt

Steilmann sweater

Italian leather boots

Stradivarius jacket

Asos leather bag



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    1. Bianca Mara says:

      Thank you so much! ❤

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