January favourites – clothes, music, beauty

It’s time for my January favourites! ❤

January is over *still can’t believe that the first month of 2017 is gone* and now it’s time to talk about the things that made my month better! And honestly it was quite a good one 😀

  • I’m gonna start with my favourite song so you could listen to it while scrolling this blog post, obviously.

I know that the song’s somehow an oldie but I can’t stop listening to it! 😀

With no further ado, here it isssss, my January song *pam pam* -> Savage Garden – To The Moon & Back

  • Another January favourite had to be a skincare product! ❤

January with its cold days can affect your skin and YOU always need soft, protected flawless skin.

And this is why this month, my favourite is the Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer from Clinique. What I love most about this moisturizer is that it comes for all types of skin. For example my skin is mixt/oily so the reference used by them is 3-4.

Alsooooo, it can be used as a great primer! :)clinique superdefense

  • Next on my list are my turtleneck sweaters!

I’ve always hated turtlenecks and could not stand them until a few months when I realised that I’m madly in love with them mostly with the black ones and I actually think they are really sexy, in a weird, twisted way. 😀

turtleneck sweaters

  • Next on my list is my 2017 Planner

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the things that I have to do, this being the reason why I’m the Agenda girl.

I also love to remember all the great things that happened to me every day of the year, and planners are the right choice for doing this.

What I love most about my planner though is the fact that it reminds me to drink 2l of water/day, and that’s what I call true love ❤ 😀

2017 planner

  • I am gonna add another make up product on my list of January favourites and it’s the Better than sex mascara from Too Faced. 

I am a mascara girl, I tried many many many mascaras over time but I can assure you, I absolutely love this one here! It makes your eyes look flawless, honestly.

Plus, it doesn’t give you that spider-ish look.

too faced better than sex mascara

  • Another item on my list are my glasses (promise I’m going to tell you more about them soon) ❤

I am only using them while spending lots of time in front of screens because lately I noticed that my head hurts like crazy when I spend lots of time in front of my laptop.

But with these lovelies everything’s alright now. I also want to preserve my flawless sight for as much as I can so I bought these as a precaution, so to say. 😀


  • My oversized sweaters 

Because I love to feel warm and to look good at the same time 🙂

oversized sweaters

  • My leather trousers

For almost two years now, every winter I fall in love with leather trousers. I even feel like they keep you warm.

Aaaannnddd, they look stylish as hell! 😀



These are my January favourites, lovelies!

Hope you’ll find your inspiration while reading this list and feel free to tell me your January favourites in the comments below! 😀 

Photo source: Pinterest. Featured photo source: teachingsuperpower.com


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  1. BeaFreitas says:

    Loving those sweaters and those leather pants! Great post!

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