Festive dinner outfit

Ready for Valentine’s Day, lovelies?

Time to take a look into your dressing room and find something classy to wear ❤

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Funny how fast time passes when you’re busy taking exams hahah *trying to learn how to breath again*, but I’m a free woman now whoop whoop

Back to the important things now!

It’s Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

Hope you’re having a great day, hope you’re feeling loved and appreciated, just like you should feel every single day! ❤

And you guys, hope you’re feeling the same way because you’re  amazing too and we need you in our lives! 😀

dinner outfit

Buuuutttt *back again to the important things*, are you having a romantic dinner tonight? Or maybe you want to surprise babe with a hot outfit? Or maybe, just maybe, you wanna look good and stare at yourself in the mirror while taking lots of pictures? *gotchaaaa*

Either way, I might have the perfect outfit for you!

dinner outfit

*And it’s really easy to make/mix.*

You just need something shinyas you know, shiny is the new classy, *I prefer gold, but that’s just me 😀 *, a pencil black skirt *talking about classy again* and a pair of black heels.


I believe that the blouse is enough without any accessories, or at least without any statement necklaces or chandelier earrings, and this is why I chose to wear just my simple Swarovski ring because, oh well, I’m madly in love with simplicity.

dinner outfit

Don’t go too hard on the make-up either, but I do believe you should go with a red lipstick. It may be a little bit of a cliché, but what’s Valentine’s Day without any red, right?

*or maybe go red on the lingerie, mmhmmmm 😉 *

And there it is, my festive dinner outfit!

Simple, but always classy! 😀

Hope you’re going to have a great day/night date darlings with your loved one and make sure you’re having an amazing/filled with pleasure time in the end *if you know what I mean wink wink* and make sure you look fabulous! ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 


All photos were taken and retouched by my lovely, oh so talented, photographer Teodora Andrișan ❤

Thank you very very veeeryyyy much! ❤

And please make sure you admire her work and visit her website -> www.teodora-andrisan.com


Mango pencil skirt

Zara Blouse

Benvenuti heels

Swarovski ring


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