Stay warm in style during cold days

I’m home! … and it feels amazing 🙂

Last week, before coming home for a short short ok maybe not so short  2 weeks short break, I felt inspired and mixed an outfit.

Truth be told, it’s not something outstanding but it kept me warm during the day *and the photoshoot ofc <3*!

Before coming home there were some cold days in Bucharest so I needed something that could keep me warm but also something that is cute, stylish and winter appropriate.

If you know me, you know that I love all seasons, but I’m not really a fan of winter simply because your outfit is hidden under tons of layers and jackets and scarfs and so and so and so 😦

But if you know me, again, you know that I simply ADORE knitwear. Made by mom, bought from all kinds of stores, knitwear’s everything! And most of all, knitwear is everything during winter.


Last season I bought this oversized sweater from H&M and it’s simply my all time favourite. It’s kinda heavy to be honest but I think that it looks fabulous on whoever wears it.


What I do love most about it it’s the huge turtle neck and its lenght. I might say it’s the perfect size/lenght.


Long story short, I wanted to wear my oversized sweater and I wanted to make the look a little bit more… stylish but still make it winter appropriate. This is why I chose the long boots with their not so tiny but still comfortable heel.

To add a little more flavour I wore my new bag *WHICH I COMPLETELY ADORE* and since it’s a red bag with hints of gold I felt that it perfectly suits the outfit.


And since it was damn freezing outside I decided to wear the jacket that keeps me the warmest.


Oh, and my kitty-like glasses! 🙂


This is how I believe you can stay warm but also in style during winter and enjoy every single day, no matter the weather!

winter outfit

Appreciate every single minute of your lovely lives, darlings! Oh, and laugh everyday

Photo credit: My lovely lovely lovely friend, Andrei, who proved to be the best teacher, best listener and most patient guy ever!

He doesn’t get mad when I tell him to take 1k photos of me, IMAGINE THAT!

You da best friend *that owns a camera* a girl can dream of! xoxo 

*me when taking photos – ALWAYS* -> _DSC7170.jpg


H&M oversized sweater

Zara jacket

Stradivarius boots

Love Moschino bag

2 Comments Add yours

  1. alexdneagoe says:

    Girl, you are gorgeous!

    1. Bianca Mara says:

      Guuurrl, making me blush! ❤

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