Ideas for a lovely living room

It’s not an outfit post, fashion related post, about me post or whatever… it’s about interior design!

And I was thinking about making Friday’s all about interior design, what do you lovelies think? 😀

Ever since I was little I loved to keep my room clean, simple and had a taste for interior design, or so I believe!

I must admit that I even wanted to study interior design but I’m awful at drawing, maths and everything related *so yeah, basically this is one of my regrets, not that I have many*.

But, yes, I am the kind of person that enjoys spending lots of time at IKEA and imagining designs and being really critical about the way people design their homes *I’m a bitch, I know*

Thing is, I truly believe that a person’s room/apartment/studio/house/home says a lot of that person 🙂

The reason I wanted to write this post is that recently I’ve been thinking how my home would look like if I were to design it *basically gathering ideas for the future hehe as I’m planning on having a place that I can call ‘my own’*

So I started scrolling on Pinterest and saving all the pictures that I found inspiring!

Today I want to talk about living rooms ❤


I realised that I like bright places with lots of light coming through the windows and warm shades of grey/pink and lots of white *as you could have already guessed from my blog’s design*.


What I also love way too much about living rooms is a large number of pillows on the sofa and a soft blanket that you can use while spending the night in reading or watching a movie.


One thing that you should not miss when designing your living room is including flowers/plants/green things that can produce oxygen. It’s beautiful when you walk into a house and you see some plants in a pot or maybe flowers in a lovely vase on the living room table. It creates a warm, cozy and classy atmosphere! â¤

interior design



Last detail that you should take into account is finding a lovely rug to match your furniture and your tastes. It looks great, it protects the floor aaand it can keep your feet warm! 🙂

Personally I would go with the fluffy rugs, they look great, they feel nice when you touch them and they are quite easy to clean 😀



Hope you lovelies will feel inspired and (re)design your living room and turn it into a comfortable, personal, classy, bright and welcoming part of your house!

Looking at these amazing designs once again I realise that I just can’t wait to design my own living room! ❤

Photo source : Pinterest

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