La camicia

Long time no post because I’m a lazy piece of diamond…

But I was thinking recently about writing a post about ‘what’s hot’ right now but then I realised that I should better write about something that I truly like, believe in and so on and so on.

And I started thinking what is that one piece of clothing that I’ve always adored and that will always be in style… And I decided it’s the shirt. *and since I’m learning Italian each day, it’s ‘la camicia’, hehe’

No matter the colour, the texture, the print, the shirt can now be considered an accessory. – a MUST HAVE of the season!

Yes, I’m saying that the shirt can be an accessory because you have endless possibilities to style your outfit using just the shirt.

Recently I decided that it’s time to wear my old shirts in a new way.

So I started wearing them with a knot. It’s a classic move but I can definitely give you that ‘I am wearing a shirt but it’s an accessory actually’ type of vibe.



Pluuussss, I’m feeling it looks kind of spring-ish, summer-ish and since it’s starting to warm outside it works just fine.

I also started wearing oversized shirts *I even stole one from my dad, since I got no boyfriend shirts 😀 *.

Wearing boyfriend jeans or some loose pants  with oversized shirts can give you a relaxed look which is honestly a really reeeaaally really simple look to obtain.

oversized shirt outfit
le me wearing an oversized shirt during a festival last summer

NOTE: During summertime you can wear oversized shirts as dresses – and trust me, that looks hot on anyone!

Don’t forget to play with the prints on your shirts – stripes, dots, colours, shapes, whatever you like, they’re all stylish this season! ❤


Shirts on, ladies! 🙂

or as Italians would say non dimenticare mai din indossare una camicia! 


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