Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Valentine’s Day is just around de corner and  we know that you, guys, are in need of gift ideas!

DISCLAIMER: I am a hopeless romantic that believes that if you truly love someone you show them every single day signs of affection and appreciation and you make gifts with no specific reason if you feel like it. *and I do believe that even a simple note saying I love you is a gift*. But indeed, it does feel nice to be spoiled on a specific day. 😀

Don’t forget about the 24th of February though!

You love her, but you’re not very good at gifts, or maybe you want something different… Either way, here are my favourite gift ideas! ❤

  • The first gift idea is actually one of my favourites! ❤ 

We Love Couture thought that a balloon popping out of a box when you open it is just as lovely as getting a voucher at your favourite store.

So they decided to mix both these simple pleasures of life for a Valentine’s Day special – a box, a red heart shaped balloon and a voucher. Isn’t that lovely?!

You can buy this amazing gift here -> Balonul IubiriiWe Love Couture


  • Have you ever thought about attending a class together?

If so I believe that cooking class for you and your perfect half will be the best choice!

We’ll always need food in our lives, right? especially if you’re lucky enough to date a foodie like me 😀 So why not do something fun together while at the same time learning new and most of all USEFUL skills?

I found some interesting courses here -> Société Gourmet but I’m sure you can find plenty other courses that are going to suit your needs.

Source: Pinterest
  • Flowers are always a great idea!

Even if it’s Valentine’s Day or not.

But instead of those lovely, yet notsointeresting bouquets, why don’t you send/give her a box of flowers?

If you don’t know what her favourite flowers are or you wanna play safe, a box of roses and a card with a lovely message will melt her heart, trust me! 😀

Any florist can make you a lovely flower box, or you can order them online here, for example -> .

P.S. They are shipping everywhere in Romania 🙂


  • Go spa-ing together! 

Do I need to say something else?

Find the nearest spa centre and enjoy your day relaxing together ❤

Source: Pinterest


  • Have great s…. Nevermind. 😀

Make love, like you do everyday okay, maybe you can make it a little more special today and continue loving eachother the way you do today! ❤

Source: Pinterest

Hope you lovelies have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved one, or with yourself, or with your girls, or with your family or whoever makes you feel happy and good about yourselt! ❤

P.S. Don’t forget to eat lots of sweets!

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